Contemporary Visual Art Zine - Issue #9 - GLITCH

Image of Contemporary Visual Art Zine - Issue #9 - GLITCH
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A non-profit zine for emerging artists exploring the theme of GLITCH through art, graphic design, photography, and everything in between with a focus on Glitch art. Featuring artists Justin Johnson, Jerome Bertrand, Steve Baum, Haley Manchon, Olivia Browne, Brittany Kurtinecz, Annabel Cutler, Rhed Fawell, Maria Elisa Quiaro, Jessica Eburne, Melanie Garcia, William Yunshan, Ivetta Sunyoung Kang, Affar Oppip, Martin Borini, Sun Hee Moon, Ethan Dodd, Robb Spath, Jorge Eduardo Villegas, Frederick Maheux, Tyler Spragg, and Yung Lurch.